When can a puppy and adult dog be left alone?

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I recently adopted a three month old rescue pup — we aren’t sure what he is but his mama was a pit bull mix. I have an adult (5 human year) spaniel/poodle mix as well.

I’ve been slowly introducing them (monitored time together). We’ve had a few tense moments where my adult dog was snarling and had the pup backed down. No violence, just grr’s. I tend to be more stressed than either dog (working on that myself!)

At what age is it safe for them to spend the day together? I’m typically gone 7 am to 5:30 pm (no opportunity for babysitters or dog walkers during the day). For now, adult dog has the run of my first floor and puppy has the second floor (thank goodness for big old houses). My adult dog also spends the day with my sister’s yorkie and they’re fine together. I have pup cams and they spend most of the day sleeping or playing with toys.

Thanks for any advice/suggestions. I know it’s a slow and steady process!

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