What’s your favorite dog training leads and materials?

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Hi everyone!

It's has been an ongoing process working with my 9mo pup on loose leash walking. She is getting better, but there are times when the distractions are too much and she pulls like crazy. She is at least 60 lbs. now and very strong, so when she wants to pull she reeeaaaally pulls.

I learned in a very hard way that nylon will burn the crap out of your hands, and I am now very anti-nylon leashes while pup is still in training. I've switched to a biothane leash which is way softer on the hands, but any bit of grease seems to make the material pretty slick. On our walks around the neighborhood my pup doesn't pull as much so I liked the grip and feel of the biothane lead, but in our group classes she is insane about pulling towards other dogs and I had a difficult time reeling her in.

What materials and leash styles do you all like to use while training in situations like this? Leather lead? Rope?? Braided? I have no clue. I've looked at reviews myself, but just wanted to see if there could be some more detailed discussion to guide my decision since buying all this equipment can be pricey, especially when you don't end up using it. I'd like something with good grip but won't tear up my hands horribly if it slips a bit. I've also thought about gloves, but have a feeling it might feel a bit unwieldy.


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