What’s the rush with people wanting to get their puppy off the leash!?

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I have a 4 month old whippet, after the usual puppy stuff he is great, well-behaved and very receptive to training.

But…at the park he is still very exciteable and will jump up at people and dogs, as such I keep him on his long leash so I am in control. Obviously it would be lovely for him to be off on his own and that but I don't want him jumping on people. Seems I am the only dog owner around here that feels that way!

At the park there is often a couple with 4 month old Newfoundland, another with a 5 month old black Lab and an 8 month old Golden Doodle (or something). All of them off the leash. And of course they all come over, jump on me, jump on my dog, run between my legs etc… It's bloody infuriating and winds my pup up!

If you're dog can't behave off the leash then keep them on it until they can! What's the hurry!?

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