What’s the amount of treats that becomes too much to train a Puppy?

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Hello everybody. My gf just got a Pomeranian puppy, he’s now 9 weeks old. She was training him to sit with treats, but then a woman working at Petco told us to only give him a treat once out of 5 times he sits, and to just praise him the rest of the time. The point is to teach him to please us and not to just do it for the treat.

Since then I saw my gf giving him treat after treat while training him and idk if that’s good. I thought what the women at Petco told us made sense, but my gf apparently doesn’t agree. I don’t want to argue with her over this because I’m no expert and that’s why I’m asking you guys. Is it true that it’s better to NOT give him a treat every time, even at the beginning of the training?

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