What training method might work with my bulldog puppy?

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Thank God he has puppy school on Thursday so I’ll be able to get IRL customised help. But would also just like to ask other puppy/dog owners who may have dealt with this.

He’s a 3 month old American Bulldog. Had him for a week. When he first came he was very calm, co-operative, affectionate, went perfectly on walks & listened well. One day he just changed (to what I suppose is his true nature LOL) to be stubborn, refusing to do what he doesn’t feel like doing, purposely ignoring me/family, refusing to go past the front yard, being unaffectionate, nipping, chewing, refusing to go on a walk & demand barking at me.

He is VERY food-motivated, but I think he is smart enough to know a treat-for-obedience versus a treat-for-fun. Treats where I want him to do something (come to me, follow me, walk) he will only come & get them if I put them on the floor. On one hand it’s good manners, on the other hand it makes training very difficult because he’s not really responsive to any treats (even high-value) unless they’re on the ground where he can eat them & refuse to move again.

I don’t mind stubbornness but I need him to co-operate. He’s going to grow quite heavy & muscular so I need to know in a necessary situation I won’t have trouble having him follow, walk, respond to his name or sit down when I need him to. Any resources, advice or answers would be so helpful!

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