What to do when your dog is a target to other dogs?

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I love to go to off leash parks with my dog but recently we've encountered many aggressive dogs and irresponsible dog owners. In fact, today a large dog sprinted at my dog and aggressively stomped and targeted my dog. My dog was clearly not interested in greeting so I tried to stop the other dog by saying no and blocking him from my dog in hopes that he will stop. However, he did not stop nor did the owners do anything. So my dad grabbed his collar while I picked up my dog.

It seems that since my dog is timid and shy, she's often targeted by dogs. Especially by large&unmannered dogs. She has been bitten once and ever since then, she just freezes whenever she sees a large dog.

What should I do when we encounter dogs like these? my instinct is to pick her up but I'm afraid that she'll grow fear for all dogs eventually. if that's a thing.

Any help is appreciated

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