What to do if puppy pees outside but doesn’t poop during same trip?

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Hi, I have a new puppy, he's a corgi and is 9 weeks old. He still pees and poops wherever he wants in the house if I don't take him out every hour or two. I give him 20 or 30 minutes of free play when he successfully goes potty outside, pee and poop. But what if he doesn't poop bit only pees? He pees every single time I take him out now almost instantly. But for poop he takes a long time to find a spot or starts playing in the dirt or eating random stuff outside. I try to limit his potty area to a clean area but he keeps pulling and eating the leash if he can't go further out. That then distracts him from pooping.

He usually goes every 2nd trip outside. But when he doesn't do I reward him with free time? Or do I crate him to avoid accidents? I have to crate him because if he starts pooping and I interupt he won't continue for a very long time.

Thanks so much.

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