What should I be doing with my 9 week old puppy?

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My wife and I are raising our first puppy together. He is a 9 week old lab retriever, and we got him last Friday. Two days after we got him he started showing signs of Parvo, so he spent the next 4 days in the ER. He came back home to us on Thursday, and he is doing great so far!

In terms of training and exposure, what should I be doing with him at 9 weeks? He’s obviously not fully vaccinated yet, and from what I’ve been told he technically can’t get Parvo ever again. Right now it seems like a pretty boring time for him lol I’m scared to take him outside, and I don’t think I can take him on walks at all right now since he’s so young. All we get to do is sit inside and play with his toys.

What/How should I be training him and exposing him to?

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