What measures can i take to help my dog adjust to apartment living after living in a house her whole life?

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I own a Border Collie/ Australian Shepherd, she's about 7 years old and has lived in houses with yards and at least one other dog her whole life. Now, me and my roommate live in an apartment with no other dogs in the house. We just moved in on August 4th and did one trial run on leaving her there alone. When we returned we could see her through the glass door barking and, once inside, saw she had pooped in my room. I figured that a beeping/ vibrating collar can stop the barking with out hurting her, and crating when we leave can stop the accidents. But she has never been crated or had a bark collar. I'm afraid that these might make her lose trust in me and either make her depressed or have bad anxiety. I think that it goes without saying that she probably is suffering from separation anxiety when we leave, but she seems to be as happy as ever when one of us is home with her.

I'd also like to note that she hasn't had much trouble peeing when I take her out, but including the time she had the accident she had only pooped about 2-3 times. I think that she is just too uncomfortable with the new surroundings to poop, how can I help her feel more at home?

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