What is your set up for work day crate?

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I am returning to work this week and I am going to need to be leaving my 6 month old Dalmatian, Simeon, in his crate for the day three days a week. I leave at about 7:15am and then a dog walker comes anywhere from 11am-1pm and he will get lunch when he goes back in, then I will get home around 5pm. For those of you also balancing work and a pup, what is your set up or any tips for making them more comfortable? I have a pen around his crate so he can go in and out when he wants. I also have a camera on his set up so that I can periodically check in on him. I’m planning on having his lunch after the dog walker given by frozen Kong so he has something to do. He also loves bully sticks but I don’t know if that is a great idea to leave him with it.

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