What Each Myers-Briggs type Would Do With A Billion dollars

ESTP – Improve a go-kart racetrack in the backyard and sponsor the Ultimate Go-Kart World Championship.

ESFP – Private jet-black. 20 sidekicks. Full-moon party in Thailand.

ENTP – Immediately set schemes of improving a robot infantry into production.

ENFP – Run away with that fascinating stranger and move home mailing-cards from around the world.

ESTJ – Donate to a neighbourhood hospital or university and have a house identified after them.

ESFJ – Spoil family and close friends with thoughtful gifts.

ENTJ – Acquire a solid business venture and optimize it into a billion dollar company.

ENFJ – Guide for public power and win.

ISTP – Build a custom-built workshop for tinkering.

ISFP – Buy a massive live/ design warehouse loft for creating art, rescuing swine, and entertaining interesting people.

INTP – Self-fund a research project in an esoteric discipline.

INFP – Donate most of it to benevolence, after adopting a houseful of shelter puppies.

ISTJ – Invest it prudently and continue working as usual without telling anyone.

ISFJ – Buy mothers a really nice mansion, furnished to suit their appreciations perfectly.

INTJ – Invest most of it in index stores, use the residue to take interesting new classes.

INFJ – Finally take that spiritual pilgrimage, only to realize that fund is the root of all unhappiness.

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