What Dog Breeds Say About Their Owners

"Individuals with pit bulls excel in bed."

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72 thoughts on “What Dog Breeds Say About Their Owners

    1. Marie Keana

      Not true. Good breeders will never do that and would only give their dogs
      away to responsible owners after making sure the dog will get everything it
      Also, just like any other kind of animal, the diffrent breeds should not
      just die out with they would if people were only interested in
      shelter/rescue dogs.
      Good breeders will take their dogs to a show to make sure the standards and
      most important traits of that specific breed will be met and kept alive.
      They make money through that, not mindlessly breeding and selling as many
      puppies as possible.

      But there are breeds where people were just really irresponsible and
      stupid, like pugs or other short snouted dogs that can hardly breathe. The
      breeders that did this were really mindless and should not be allowed to
      breed dogs.

    2. Brighid Doll

      +Leslie A I do agree it’s the owners fault, but it can be really hard to
      reverse the damage done. I would recommend getting a shelter dog only if
      you’re a somewhat experienced dog owner with a lot of patience because they
      can be a real struggle. Sometimes dogs have habits that need special
      training to be corrected and their previous owners didn’t have the patience
      for it, but I still say adoption is a good thing if you’re prepared for it.

    1. Aruki Tsukaru

      Where I live, we can’t even adopt pitbulls anymore. I’m so angry about
      this, because they deserve love just like everyone else. Also, even though
      at least they let you keep your dog if you had it before the law was
      passed, they have to wear a muzzle when you take them out for a walk. 😢

    2. Kaleen Bowman

      Yea for real its how they are raised if they are raised right in a loving
      home they will be the sweetest things ever! ☹

  1. Hyun Ryu

    All my dogs are rescues, and when my then boyfriend (now fiance) found that
    out, he looked at me and almost sobbed as he said, “You’re their hero!” I
    laughed and shrugged it off.

    Because in reality, it wasn’t me who saved them, it was them who saved me

    1. Genevieve Gaura

      right! i have a rescue pup (except shes 3 now) and i have a little picture
      collage of us that says ‘who saved whom’ and its so cute!

  2. sam

    the girl who bashed corgi owners did that buzzfeed video where the bf
    surprised his gf with corgis from Instagram. what, she cried when she saw
    them 😕 now she says they’re promiscuous? if there’s one thing we corgi
    owners have in common, it is that we’re amused by dogs with short legs that
    look half fox and half bunny.

    1. Danielle Kaiser

      I believe rotties show you are a hardworking and intelligent, caring person
      (coming from someone who is constantly around rotties lol)

    1. Eli Malnar

      I have a chihuahua they say they have an agressive personality. My dog
      literally sleeps more than me and I don’t think I have ever seen her bite
      someone or anything. So this video is soooooo bs

    1. Dog Mommy

      Yeeeessss I have a dachshund and a boxer and a dachshund mix wondering how
      they would look at me since i have 3 different types of dogs.

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