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Hello, i Have trained TONS of dogs on my life, even the most stubborn ones, but this one is different, i am trying to teach him for over 5 months now, without any effects, LITERALY NOTHING WORKS, he doesnt even understand SIT command, he Just sits when he sees food on my hand, he doesnt understand any command, like i said i know very well how to train dogs but this one is too stupid or what? I got him with one more dog (his Brother) and he learned pretty fast, understands everything but this one is one Big "xD" any advices? Or should i Just Give him to the shelter or something, he is making me troubles, walking on Street and barking at cars (i teached him and his Brother to stop it and only he doesnt understand it) he is aggresive to people on bikes, he is mongrel, if Nothing works i Will Have to take him to shelter because i do not know what more can i do.

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