What are the pros and cons of litter box pad training a dog?

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Hello redditors! I am getting a german shepherd pupper soon around Christmas and would like to know a little more on potty training 🙂 My plan is to litter box train him with puppy pads inside a litter box, no grass or litter, and maintaining this as through out as an adult dog. I live in a house and have no problems with walking him for potty, however it is quite cold out here in Canada with a bonus of icy streets to trip on. From my understanding, the cons of litter training are smell, expense, and hard habit. I have no problem with the latter two, and I plan to change the pad every time he goes, so smell should not accumulate. Are there anymore pros and cons to litter box pad training a dog? Why would training dogs to potty outside be a better idea? On regular walks, will he still do his business or will he hold it till home? If not, how can I teach him how to “go” outside AND use the pads? Is that even possible, or can there only be one? Sorry for the long list of questions, any expertise is appreciated!

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