What are engaging games/rewards other than food to compete with the outdoors.

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So my dog is mostly well behaved. We have issues keeping his attention around other dogs outside (he's super social and has the focus of a gnat), but it's all a work in progress.

The problem is food seems to be his only motivator. He's about a year old, and I'm worried that all the treats that are required to gain his focus and keep it are going to add up quickly to him being over weight (if it isn't already). We're trying to increase the focus time and ween him off so many treats, but living in a busy city neighborhood that's no small task. At any given moment you'll walk by a dog, or a kid, or anything that he finds infinitely more exciting than listening to a command. So, treats.

What are some ways I can engage him outside, that aren't necessarily food related? He doesn't really like fetch or tug, even with something new he's never played with. If I throw a ball he'll run after it, but then lose interest and smell the grass. He'll do it inside the house for a few throws, but he's more interested in catching the toy/ball and chewing on it on his own. I have a flirt pole, but after a few minutes he realizes he doesn't get to keep the toy/chew on it and loses interest. Truth is most things I've tried don't really compare to smelling the next/nearest patch of grass.

He likes chase, but I'm not sure how that can help on commands like Watch and leave it, for when dogs cross his path or keeping his focus.

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