What am I doing wrong? I feel like a failure.

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Hi all, my dog peed on the couch for the second time last night and I am losing my mind.

My toy poodle pup, Georgie, is 6 months plus a little. We got him at 4 months plus a little. He wasn’t house trained when we got him. We’ve been working on it thanks to some great tips I received on this sub.

He was going something like every two hours just using a puppy playpen during the day and the crate at night. Thanks to a user here, we’ve started having the walker crate him after his afternoon walk, and the last two mornings, he hasn’t used the puppy pad at all. So he now knows he CAN hold it. He seems uninterested in the pad now aside from using it as a bed.

But, he still has accidents. On Friday we had friends over and he peed on the floor twice in 45 minutes. A month ago, he peed on the couch and we vowed never to let him on again. Like idiots, we slipped, and last night he did it again.

When we go outside, he poops and pees immediately and waits eagerly for his praise and treats.

What the hell am I doing wrong? I feel like such a failure. The fact that he’s not using the pad tells me he doesn’t want to soil his den, but yet he is. All the puppies in our training class are housebroken, and I feel like Georgie never will be.

My friend suggested a belly band, but that seems like a giving up tool and not a training aid.

I’m so upset and stressed and I’m failing my puppy. Help!

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