What age should I pick up my lab puppy? Also, general advice needed

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After trying unsuccessfully to foster a shelter dog, I've decided to go the breeder route since I have somewhat specific wants in a breed and companion. I found a fantastic breeder just outside my city and I loved her upon meeting her and the family of dogs. She has two remaining puppies of her last litter – a male and a female – and I decided to go for the male.

She's already been crate training them and has them on a very similar schedule to me – bed at night, potty break at 1am, and wake up a 5. I'm a kindergarten teacher and that's my schedule, with me leaving for work around 6:45 and coming home around 4-4:30. My mom will be able to help out with the puppy for the first few weeks, and I'll also be hiring a dog walker and possibly trying to find a decent daycare (anyone ever used the app Wag?).

The puppies are 8 weeks, but I asked about waiting to take him home. I can't take more than 1 day off work, but I do have some holidays/no school days coming up which would help me out. She would board the puppy for 10 dollars a day. The dogs sleep inside and are crate trained, but she has a new litter coming in soon. Here are my two options:

Take Oct 25th off, Oct 26th is a no school day, so that way I'll have 4 days to get the puppy adjusted, then back to school on Monday. After that I'll have 3 weeks of regular working hours 7-4, until Nov 17th when it's thanksgiving break I could choose to pick the puppy up Nov 8th after 4pm, take Nov 9th off and have 3 days to get him adjusted, then go back to school for one week, then it's thanksgiving break and I have a whole week off.

If I go for the second option, I would be picking up the puppy when he's around 12 weeks old (maybe 13 depending on what day of the week). That's cutting it a bit close for socialization, but I would be able to get him adjusted with less stress since I'd have a holiday break coming up. But I'm worried about it being a harder adjustment if he spends more time in a house with large property before going to my apartment, but I'm not sure if that's a silly worry.

If I go for the first option, I'm not sure I'd be as prepared and might feel more stressed, but I would be getting him right around the 8-9 weeks which would allow for a bigger socialization time frame.

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