We’re failing at crate training

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We adopted an 8 month old lab two weeks ago and are struggling with crate training. We have two older dogs (2 year old golden retriever & 12 year old American Eskimo) that have been crate trained without a problem.

However this pup will howl and shriek once the door to the crate closes, even if we’re sitting right next to it. She still goes in freely with the door open, eats her meals inside it and we only give her high value treats when she goes inside it. From what I’ve read we’ve done everything by the book too, but please correct me if we’re doing something wrong:

We ignore the panic and let her out once she’s calm. We crate her randomly throughout the day (when we stay around the house and when we leave for no longer than an hour) We leave bully sticks with her to try and keep her busy We have a Snuggle Buddy for her We don’t put her in the crate unless she’s gotten exercise and relieved herself She’s been evaluated by a vet We’ve kept the crate by our bedside We tried covering the crate and leaving it uncovered We don’t make a big deal out of exiting the crate Every day we train entering the crate and give her verbal praise and high value treats

Is this something that will go away with time and patience or do we need to make some changes? We haven’t slept in two weeks, any help will be much appreciated.

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