Weirdly Aggressive Corgi Sisters? Please help!

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Hi All,

Apologies if this is int he wrong sub.

I have two corgis, both from the same breeder and same parents but successive litters (7 months apart), and both female. One is now 14 months and the other 1 year 8 months.

My eldest is a lot more guarded, anxious, rigid and quiet personality wise. My youngest is the exact opposite. They are both stubborn, however the youngest not nearly as much. My youngest is cuddly but the eldest likes pats and her distance more.

Over the last few months I have noticed behavioral changes. They will snap and snarl, then snuggle and groom each other once I've seperated them and they've calmed down. I believe it is because of the youngest but I could be wrong. It started with minor toy, stick, and treat aggression at our dog park. We did what we thought would discourage it, tried multiple things, doesn't really work and she still gets funny – goes completely still,. starts growling and baring teeth, and then will lunge at them and straight back to what she is protecting.

Then it progressed to the home. She gets possessive of food if its not being hand fed to her by me, i,e carrots left out while I'm at work for them, when I feed them meals, etc. They used to be fine, they used to wait before I would put the food down. Now if they aren't fed in their crates they kick off before the food is even on the ground for them to fight over.

She also seems possessive of me/my attention. She will be fine at first, but after about 5 or so minutes starts trying to sit between me and her sister, even if her sister is at my feet and not even interested in pats. She also likes to sit on me. She will start growling and will kick off if I don't immediately stop touching the little one and either start patting the big one (somehow this settles her?) or walk away.

The eldest put up with it and ignored it for a while but has recently started fighting back when she can be bothered, otherwise she avoids her sister and will move away from me just to calm her down.

I don't know if its a power struggle or what, but its super weird and I am not sure where to go since we can't really afford a trainer at the moment.

Could it just be adolescence?

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