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I gave our 13 weeks old puppy a new toy. It's a small cat with a squeeker in the head and the body crunches like a plastic bottle or paper being crunched. The crunchy part is really soft and satisfying. When I gave it to her she started whining an running with it and brought the toy to the back of her crate and burried it between two stuffed animals and started digging in her crate (she never goes in her crate herself unless there's food in there, so I was surprised). When I got the toy out of the crate she ran outside with it, placed it in her empty kiddie pool and starting digging next to it again and then lied down (she never does this). She does seem to want to chew the toy (she bites everything), and she chews at the head just fine. She's an energetic pup that bites a lot, but when she gets hurt (like when she yelps bc something hurt) she gets really calm and gives licks and she does the same when she puts down the toy. The toy can't hurt her though.

My first thought was teething, but she has no signs of this and chews everything else just fine. So why does she whine? Sometimes she runs with it and whines and sometimes she keeps whining after dropping it and lies down. I'm so confused lol, why does she does this?


Her with the toy in the 'pool':

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