Weird Frenchie Behaviour this evening

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Hi, We have a 13 week old French Bulldog. I have been taking him to the office for a week. My girlfriend and I work in the same building so Rodney our frenchie gets to see her at lunch and for a bit after work. Tonight when i came home he did his usual excited run towards her and she picked him up as usual but he straight away went beserk, yapping and jumping around like he was really really scared. Now he will not look at either of us, he accepts the strokes but just looks down and walks away, he is usually like a lapdog because he loves attention so much. Anyone experience anything similar?? we are quite concerned, he has had a long day with more walking than usual and a lot of playing with our other office dog so he may just be very very tired, he has been asleep since 8 in his pen and will probably be out for the night

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