Weird adolescent behavior or am I doing something wrong?

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My Pom/corgi mix pup is 6 months old, and I believe she’s hitting her adolescent phase, which thankfully I expected and am trying not to freak out about. We’re definitely experiencing a ton of sleep and obedience regression. The one thing I’m very confused, and not to mention very UPSET about is how much she prefers my husband over me lately. I work from home, so I’m the one who feeds her and takes her on all her walks and socialization experiences. I do majority of the training, I’m the one who plays with her and gives her the stinkiest and her most favorite bully sticks. Up until about a month ago, she HATED being away from me and I loved all the attention. She would only sleep near me, if I left to run errands while she was home with my husband she would lay by the door and whine and refused to play with or pay any sort of attention to my husband. She would run to me every time I called with her tail wagging like crazy! When I went to bed, she would follow no matter what time it was. I swore up and down we had the best bond and she loved me! Now it’s as if I’m just someone she has to live with and tolerate. My husband hasn’t done anything different lately either.

Our pup literally just WORSHIPS him these past few weeks. She follows him around when he’s home, she will sleep only near him… when he comes home from work she is the most excited I have ever seen her, zooming around the whole apartment and going crazy. Every other day when he’d leave for work, she would spend the majority of the day whining by the door and moping around. No treats or toys or walks would excite her. She just acts absolutely depressed when he’s not home. Of course I get a few moments of happiness in, but it’s nowhere like before. I miss my cuddly sweet pup, I miss all the attention I used to get. I’m still the one that feeds her, plays with her, trains her… but for some reason she’s acting out. I don’t know what to do anymore! Is this just her weird adolescent behavior or am I doing something wrong?

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