We tried off leash and it was great!

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I was really nervous going into off leash with her because theres so much that could go wrong.

We kept hearing about this local unofficial dog park where everyone goes and just takes their dogs off leash and head out to hike.

We finally headed there and I had her on leash for about 3 minutes when this other healer dog approached and wanted to play. I knew if she was playing with the dog she would go anywhere but where that dog was so I wasn't worried.

I started speaking to the owner of the healer about how he started off leash and how he worked it out and he said he starts them off at day one and just let's them go. He reassured me that out of the 100s of dogs that go there theres only been one that went missing that was found a day later so our odds seemed good.

And then it happened, she ran far and I couldn't see her anymore. I held my breath thinking "this is it" and eveything paused. 30 seconds later out if no where I see her little ears, and all of a sudden she rushes back to us like 'HEY YOU SAW THAT?"

I started feeling good about it and we started hiking,I gave her loads of treats and had the leash on hand just incase.

she stayed between me and my husband most of the walk when she didnt know where she was, if it was a familiar place she would run ahead and then back to us making sure we were still there.

It was such a satifying feeling, having her look back at us each time to make sure we were there.

We hiked for a few hours and we started heading back to the car, she was really content with following us and would run to us if we got to far when she would play with the other dogs on trail.

It was a very satifying experience for all of us. 🙂

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