We have never crate trained pup

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Hi all,

Due to weird complications when teddy was born he was pretty much removed and bottle fed after a few days life. His brothers and sisters were healthy and feeding he was rejected and took a lot of human intervention (+vet) I ended up caring for him at home and sadly he was removed from his mum pretty much immediately. Thankfully he made it and is now around 5 months. Because he was with me so young, most days just sleeping on my chest and being fed by about 10 weeks My partner and I just decided to keep him. He is an amazing social pup and loves play with everyone (we were very worried about social interactions) you would never know he hadn’t had that element in his frowning process. Anyway, the long and short of it is we had never crate trained him as I had so much time with him he picked up toilet training very quickly and we didn’t have any other behaviour concerns – are there any other reasons we might possibly miss out on other behaviour developments because we didn’t choose to crate him?

Also to add – He is a male 5 month mini fox -he sleeps with us, he loves traveling, and normally uses his crate as a hang out.


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