We can’t seem to leave pup alone

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First time posting here, so please let me know if anything is wrong! We have a ~19 week old lab/collie mix (as far as we know) that we adopted in November. He is extremely bright, but is also costing us a fortune in daycare costs. We tried leaving him in the bathroom as that was an environment we could close, big enough to have food, water, potty pads, treats, bed, toys, etc., with space for him to walk around. This ended with a destroyed bathroom door.

We tried a play pen with a similar set-up, but a bit less space, and ended up with a destroyed carpet in front of our bedroom door where he tried to dig under it after managing to climb over the play pen fence. As we rent an apartment…this has not been ideal. We have tried slowly building up time leaving him alone in his crate but he screams like a banshee and can be heard from the parking lot. Again, since we’re in an apartment this is not ideal.

We now have been finding ourselves stranded in our apartment, and honestly it’s been putting a strain on our marriage never being able to leave the apartment together and go do something that doesn’t involve our boy. We also both work full time (this was not the case when we adopted him, as at that point we were working opposite schedules so he’d only be alone a couple hours a day) ,and since he can’t be trusted outside of a crate we’ve been dropping him off at a Rover for daycare every weekday. It adds up very quickly and it just isn’t sustainable.

He sleeps all night in his crate just fine, but that’s basically it. He’s ok to be put in the crate for a few minutes if we’re trying to get something done around the apartment and we stay in sight, and if he doesn’t hear the front door. But even then it’s only for very brief periods of time before he starts flipping out. We got a Furbo for Christmas and I think that might help, but we really can’t trust him with his propensity for destruction when he’s scared. The last puppy I had is now 10 years old but lives at my parents’ house and never had this kind of issue – likely because we also had a kitten she grew up with at the same time and was small enough to not do damage when left to roam the kitchen.

We’re at the end of our rope at this point. Does it ever get better? Will we ever be able to leave him alone? Any help or even commiseration would be highly appreciated.

Edited to add puppy tax: https://imgur.com/a2wT1eO

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