We are either sleeping or biting

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Hi all,

We just got a new puppy and he has been at home for 4 days.

He is in his 8th week and very, very social and brave cockapoo.

We have decided to treat the whole house as a crate (I am not entirely convinced but my wife grew up with many dogs and her family is a dog trainer family and she is thinking that option) and we are now spending every minute to make sure we take him down (we live on the 3rd floor) to do his business to start learning going out for his needs.

We have good and bad days. But he becomes more and more comfortable in the house and downstairs.

I have noticed in the past day or two he became increasingly biting-driven. Now, I don't mean aggressive – he is waving his tail and jumping around trying to engage with me and everything that exists by biting.

My question is if it is normal as I am becoming concerned – he either sleeps or bites and it becomes frustrating.

My wife says all puppies bite and he is playing, his teeth may hurt as well – but since it is my first dog experience and I am the one staying at home for the first week – I am overly sensitive to everything as I havent experienced it.

Can you share your point of view and your experience? Is it normal-ish that he wakes up, we pee and poo and he starts wanting to play and bite everything?

I am trying every time he bits to say "Ow" and ignore him for a few seconds but it is not really working. The other thing is that i try to give him a toy to replace myself 😀

I have noticed that when i give him a bone (small one) he is more able to stay at one place and chew, but the problem is we have 2 other toys and they are soft. Maybe that is the problem?

We are going to buy now ASAP chewing/dental toys but wanted to check if I should be concerned or not as again, it is a bit difficult at the moment (but could be me and my lack of sleep + lack of experience).

Edit: We havent started training basic commands or anything – we are now focusing on pee and poo outside.

Thank you!

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