WDID? Blue Healer is peeing in the Living Room. Any advice?

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We have a 10 year old (we think) Blue Healer mutt that we rescued about 3 years ago. He's fully housebroken, we take him for 2 walks a day (morning and evening) and we let him out to pee in the backyard when we get home from work (Sat and Sun we take him on either an afternoon walk or take him to the park with the kids).

Lately and sporadically he's been peeing in the living room for no apparent reason. I just caught him and when I yelled it him, he stopped for a second, moved to a different area of the carpet and started peeing again.

I think he's usually been peeing either at night when we're asleep or during the day when we're at work. This is the first time he's peed when someone's been around.

Any advice on what to do to get him to stop? We had a professional carpet cleaning clean about 3 months ago, so I don't know if that's the solution…

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