Wanting to NOT be on furniture?

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Here's something you don't hear every day.

Typo is a 5mo Corgi and is about 20lbs. I brought him home when he was 11 weeks old from a fantastic breeder close by. For all intents and purposes, he's an amazing puppy – Super sweet, he doesn't bark excessively, loves being in his crate, settles down fine, doesn't have separation anxiety issues, no issues with potty training…

But the dude hates being on furniture.

Yeah, you heard me right.

A dog that wants nothing to do with jumping on or even being on furniture.

We're fine with dogs on furniture. All of our past dogs have done it. Our cat does it. But Typo has shown no indication of wanting to even try to jump on the couch, and any time we bring him up to snuggle with us, be starts whining and crying and wanting down after a few minutes, even if we give him lots of treats and things to do/occupy him while he's up there. He'll start panting anxiously and won't settle.

And the weird thing after that is he doesn't try to get down on his own! He's plenty big enough and our couch is low enough that he could jump down (we've never let him) but he won't try, even if he's absolutely beside himself from being on the couch.

We've mentioned it to his vet and they've done a workup on him but physically he's fine so at least we know there's nothing medical that might be causing him distress.

Has anyone had anything like this happen?? How do I get him to be ok with being on the couch with us?

As an aside he's not the most "cuddly" of corgis either. He gets very ecstatic when you come home and he loves greeting people, but after those initial greetings he just goes off to do his own thing. He's content with being alone by himself and doesn't seek out pets or cuddles. So any tips on helping on that front would be nice too.

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When Typo was 3 weeks old (barely old enough to open his eyes) he was scratched in his eye by a littermate. He had to be kept separate from his littermates for about 2-3 weeks while he was being treated for the scratch, but was kept near them in a plastic tray so he could still smell and see them, and have plenty of access to mom. After he was reintroduced to his litter he was a little withdrawn, and definitely had a lower level of confidence compared to his littermates, but was very reserved and kept to himself. He does like his den areas and even hid under our couch for the first couple days after bringing him home, but he has no problems with hanging out in the open on the floor or near us. So compared to his littermates he's not as outgoing, but socially he didn't suffer any ill effects. If anything he loves other dogs way more than people, despite being partially hand-raised while he was little.

His eye healed well, but there's some residual cloudiness from the injury. We actually took him to a Veterinary Opthalmologist who told us that his eyesight is actually perfectly intact. So no worries on that front at least!

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