Crave to Appear Old? These Movies Divert 20 Years Old In 2016

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Picture this: Its 20 years ago and youre headed to the movies where air tickets will cost a fraction of what it will cost today, you can get a popcorn and Sour Patch Kids for less than $10, and you dont have a cell phone with you because its too big to fit in any of your pockets.

What movie are you seeing? Maybe one of these favourite cinemas that was released to theaters 20 years ago.


The Nutty Professor

You probably knew this was a remaking of the original 1963 film starring Jerry Lewis. What you probably didn’t know was that he was originally set to make a cameo but drew out after carrying displeasure with the amount of fart laughs in the write .


The Truth About Cats& Dogs

Janeane Garofalo had to accept on a container in order to fit in the same frame as Uma Thurman( who is a foot taller ).


A Time to Kill

Kevin Costner was considered for the role of Jake Brigance, but missed complete control of the project. Author John Grisham objected and Costner ultimately overtook .


A Very Brady Sequel

This was the first movie that Jimmy Fallon auditioned for. He hoped to be one of the lifeguards. I believe concepts purposed up working out okay for him …



Madonna changed attires 85 days, more than Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra ( 1963 ). Madonna wore 39 hats, 45 duo of shoes, and 56 duets of earrings. Because of this, Madonna was an entryway in “The Guinness Book of World Records” that year .

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