Vomit after Kong

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I have given my 11 week old mini goldendoodle a peanut butter filled puppy Kong twice now, and he’s thrown up immediately after both times. This strikes me as super weird because I’ve never heard of an issue like this before.

I’m wondering if anyone else has faced this issue with peanut butter or Kong’s in general? I’ve never even heard of it being a thing, but I doubt its a coincidence that the only two times he’s thrown up have been associated with Kong’s. The peanut butter we use is home made, literally just peanuts blended up in our vitamix.

Related (kind of), I’d love to hear what other enrichment people do with their pups! My little dude is smart as hell (read: smart ass), so I have to keep him occupied. So far he loves ice cubes, puzzle boxes, and his snuffle mat.

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