Viktor Krum From ‘Harry Potter’ Has A Totally New Look And It’s Magical

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Um, Ron might want to avert his eyes and Hermione might want to go out her Omnioculars because Viktor Krum from “Harry Potter” is seeming FOINE these days.

I’ll be honest. Even though I enjoy my girl Hermione Granger with all my soul, I never fully get her summary fling with Krum in “Goblet of Fire.”

Sure he was good at Quidditch, but Hermione wasthe brightest sorceres of her age! And Viktor Krum was … not. Plus my boy Ron Weasley was sitting right there, has become a jealous jerking. Who doesn’t wanted to go, right?

But after seeing visualizesfound byBuzzFeed of actor Stan Yanevski in 2016, I’m starting to think maybe Hermione should have protruded out those clumsy teen years with Krum. Sorry, Ron.

And honestly, I imagine even Ron will agree with me after I lay out these slides. Because, severely. Damn, Viktor.

For reference, here is the Viktor of 2005 whom Hermione took to the Yule Ball.

And here he is being weirdlyhugged by Igor Karkaroff.

He even evidenced up again in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1” in 2010 looking like this.

Now fast forward to the year 2016. Viktor’s made a few changes to his appearance.

And these changes are, um, truly working for him.

Like, REALLY working for him.

He’s like aBulgarian Khal Drogo, and I’m very into it.

It doesn’t hurt sometimes he harbours tiny lil’ puppies in his monstrou, muscular arms.

Someone tell Hermione Viktor Krum speaks now…while shirtless.

And he drives a motorcycle.

AND he still loves dragons.

( Though that looks like a Hungarian Horntail , not a Chinese Fireball .)

OK, one more of him comprising a puppy, simply to be safe.

Viktor, congrats on encountering your watch. Ron, you are able to wanna watch out, bud.

Hermione, I’m so sorry for ever doubting you, girl.

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