[Video] 8mo Lab mix brings ball back halfway

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For Sam, ball. is. life.

He loves to fetch and constantly wants the ball thrown. He had been doing terrific with retrieval for months. He would sit and wait for the ball to be thrown, run and get it, and bring it back and drop it before receiving a reward.

The past few weeks however, he has developed a strong tendency to only bring the ball back halfway; then turn, and run back to the retrieval point and stare in anticipation for the ball to be thrown again.

If I wait it out, he'll eventually run and get the ball, only to take it about three feet closer to me before dropping it again and retreating to the retrieval point. Sometimes he will squeak it (almost being pushy about it), in what is seemingly an attempt to remind me to throw it.

Any tips or ideas on how to correct this behavior and get him back to a nice game of fetch?

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