Victory against an off-leash offender

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Our 1 y/o great dane has recently been leash reactive towards dogs since he turned about 11 months old. We've been working really hard on our walks but sometimes our neighborhood can be overwhelming (tons of dogs smashing themselves against windows barking). Had finally found a safe space, a large provincial park that is on-leash only. Lots of space to be able to see other dogs approaching, avoid or move to the side for a 'sit and focus' training session.

Today though this man was running with his small dog off leash. There wasn't a lot of time to register as he came around a bend and had a pretty good pace. I moved Toby (dane) off into the snow, put the leash around my back in prep for a struggle and attempted to grab focus from him. This little dog saw Toby and started sprinting towards us barking. I feel like the man saw the pure horror in my eyes as I thought today was going to be the day when Toby finally bites. He started frantically yelling at his dog to come. Thankfully the dog did and swerved away from Toby about 1-meter away. After I was able to un-freeze I realized that Toby hadn't even flinched! No barking, no lunging, no bucking bronco. He was stiff and perked up but no reaction! I was ecstatic! Of course 20mins later when we ran into another dog (leashed) he starts howling and attempts to jump on me but hey, one victory at a time.

Also x-posted to r/reactivedogs but i'm just so darn proud I want to shout it from the rooftops! This is him on the left at 4 months-ish and our 8 y/o lab

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