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Hi everyone,

So, I've recently adopted a 7 month old Labrador mix puppy. Cutest dog I've seen in my life. We've been together for two months now and he's made remarkable progress – the 1st day I had to carry him home because he wouldnt walk with me, he was terrified and little by little he became more and more trusting and we truly bonded, he's a very playful puppy and very smart too, but he FREAKS OUT every time I'm not around and I mean, he barks, howls, scratches the doors, everything you can think of, he'll do and I've been told by neighbours that he can be at it for hours. And then, as soon as I get home he'll come running towards me, wagging his tail and wanting to play. I have been trying to train him to stay home alone whenever I need to go to work or such and even got Adaptil to try and help him calm down when I'm not home but my roommate says he paces around constantly and whines until I get home. This is starting to drive me crazy because I live in an apartment and my neighbours can hear him whine clearly..what can I do? Any tips on this? :/ Thank you!

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