Very Playful 6 Month Old German Shepherd Ran Away From Me in Park

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Or maybe that should read "Ran towards child playing frizbee". And unfortunately this incident left me in tears.

Freyja is a 6 month old white German shepherd and at times I feel a bit overwhelmed by training her. She's very smart and very playful and this is currently leading to some unwanted behaviour. Today we were working on recall in the park with a stick and a ball and as long as there aren't too many distractions, she's really good and I feel confident training her and really proud of her.

Today however and young family with a boy of maybe 8 years old walked across the park the boy was throwing an Aerobie style frizbee. Freyja hadn't seen one before and bolted across the park to "fetch" it. I couldn't call her off with her usual calls in a positive voice or by playing with the stick or the ball. The young boy wasn't bothered by her and kept throwing the frizbee further and further away from me. However after the Dad told him to stop throwing it Freyja ran up to the rest of the family still trying to play and jumped on their other child who it transpired was scared of dogs and burst into tears. At which point I was able to catch up and get Freyja but by now the Dad was to angry and yelled at me calling me a "Silly woman" and he wouldn't accept my first apology and I walked off tearing up. I get his anger and I'm mortified. I know it's my responsibility to train my dog to be polite.

The issue for me is that with the virus outbreak, two puppy training classes we were booked on can't go ahead and there are times when I don't know what to do to socialise her. I'm doing my best from youtube but I feel a bit helpless and overwhelmed, especially when all the walking places are so busy. She is also developing a habit of barking and lunging at other dogs when she's on the lead and it means both my and my other half are starting to avoid places. I want to stay confident and not feel like a victim of circumstances and ashamed of myself and my pup.

What can I do with my hyper playful puppy to socialise her in this unusual time?

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