19 thoughts on “Very Funny Dogs

  1. Bork Bork

    i dont know how u thought that pug was funny on 1:57 it was probably abused
    and it broke its arms

  2. marissaw32

    My GOAL for my channel is to show ppl the TRUE colors of these
    wonderful,hilarious companions we call Pit Bulls.I hate that this breed is
    JUDGED solely off what the MEDIA says.Do your research & you will see the
    true beauty of these dogs.If ANYONE could VIEW, SHARE,LIKE,ANYTHING on my
    videos to help to spread the word.Even if just ONE person’s opinion of Pit
    Bulls is changed by watching, it’s worth it.So plz, if you have a second it
    would be greatly appreciated&may even save a Pit Bulls life :)

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