Vanessa Hudgens VS Fashion Show Party Is Serious #SquadGoals( Photos)

Last night, Iskipped the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to watch“Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.”

Luckily, I can live vicariously through Vanessa Hudgens. The former Disney star shed the ultimate all-girls party to showcase her charity for VS Angels.

Hudgens called up Ashley Tisdale, actressEmily Osment, a Rockette and a handful of other gal cronies to don pairing PINK onesies for an intimate viewing party.

According to their various Instagram captions, the all-girl gang snapped selfies and baked cookies whilewatching the modelsstrut in sex lingerie.

While Kris Jenner was a full-on “Mean Girls” mummyduring Kendall Jenner’s firstly VS show, this group of friendschannelled their inner Adriana Limas and enjoyeda girls darknes that would clear Taylor Swift’s crew jealous.

Hudgens and her girlfriends represent #friendshipgoals much cozier.

#SquadRules: If there’s no seductive, silly GIF, it didn’t happen.

Tisdale and her girlfriends Snapchatted the whole situation. Obvi.

What’s a girls darknes without a bit horseplay?

Girl power poses only.

It’s all fish faces and hugging with puppies until they realise they never broiled any cookies.

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