UTI that will not go away

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My dog, who is around 9 months old is having serious urine problems. He is a mix of an American bully & lab. He pees constantly and it seems like he can’t hold his bladder. We thought it was a UTI and saw the vet. The antibiotic didn’t work, so they put him on another one. Still didn’t work. He has had his bladder drained and everything. It will not go away. It seems like he can not hold his bladder. Even if we let him out every 30 minutes, he still pees very randomly. He will be walking and start peeing. A very little amount comes out. We have tried to limit his water intake at night but that does not help. The vet has no idea what is going on. Does anyone have any advice on what to do or what will help? He’s an amazing dog but his peeing is out of control. We are looking for some sort of answer or solution. Please help!!!

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