Utah Congressman Threw a Party for Rapist Police ChiefAfter Crafting His Cover-Up, Women Claim

Just 20 instants before the patty was to be section at his going-away party, news transgressed that the Provo police chief had renounced over rape allegations–not to care for his ailing mother. Even so, the festivals went on as strategy.

The news may have come as a offend to the top cop’s colleagues, but not to the man who’d strategy the working party, then-Provo Mayor John Curtis, according to a federal litigation. Two months earlier, a 24 -year-old college student volunteering at the Utah department had called Curtis, who is now a congressman, to accuse the city’s police chief, John King, of raping her on four separate occasions, the lawsuit alleges.

After that January 2017 ask, Curtis allegedly invented a cover story for King, telling the public he was leaving to care for his” sick mother .” He then strategy the chief’s March 2017 going-away party himself, the lawsuit says.

The college student’s accusations were bolstered nearly one year later by four other women who joined her in filing a federal litigation that claims the manager regularly molested and assaulted the women around him since joining the department in 2014.

The five women, who have demanded a jury trial, registered the action in regime courtroom in March, attempting compensatory and punitive damages of at the least $300,000. They also asked for the city to update its policies and apply molestation training for employees. The action was given to U.S. District Court on April 3.

On Thursday, metropolitan officials contended back by submitting a formal reply in federal court, alleging the women of making allegations that are” incompatible with what really followed .” The city’s attorney, Heather White, apparently said in a press conference that Provo” does not have a culture of molestation or discrimination” and” has zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind .”

White even exited so far as to claim the status of women ” unreasonably failed to take advantage of the preventative or corrective openings the city provisioned .”

( King, who has ” unequivocally” disclaimed all of the allegations in the lawsuit, gotta go back to Maryland after he left the department .)

The scenic, lakeside municipality of Provo is a 45 -minute drive from Salt Lake City and the dwelling of Brigham Young University. Leaves were changing to bright orange and ruby-red in the fall of 2014, when Curtis called a “supervisor-only” gratify at the police district to bat down “numerous” complaints about the chief, including allegations regarding sexual harassment, according to the lawsuit.

The mayor told those in attendance that he” did not want to receive any more disorders” about the manager, who would remain in his positions and that” there was nothing the supervisors could do about it ,” the complaint alleges.

The message at the mayor’s meeting with supervisors” was loud and clear ,” according to the lawsuit:” Chief King’s power was unlimited, his actions unchecked, and any complaints against him would be ignored .” Provo officials thus targeted the 56 -year-old King” in a unique situation of dominion and supremacy ,” which he “exploited” for three years, the lawsuit claims.

Curtis has since enunciated, according to the Salt Lake Tribune , that the contents of that 2014 rally ought to have misunderstood.” I have not and would never knowingly do anything to shield any individual who acted inappropriately with regard to sexual harassment ,” he likewise told the paper, which was first to report on the scandal.

Provo attorney White refuted the lawsuit’s pronouncements at the Thursday press conference, in agreement with the Tribune , noting further that municipality officials were informed of three separate transgression allegations involving King, but that” each time they responded swiftly and appropriately .” White too apparently said the mayor pertained the assault allegations to the appropriate authorities and eventually expected King to quit while the investigation was completed, though criminal charges were never filed.

King was hired in Provo after a previous fibre of unfortunate departures, according to the lawsuit. He is reportedly resigned from at the least one post at a police department in Maryland over “personnel matters.” In 2012, King left the Baltimore Police Department, where he was terminated for” mismanagement with a subsidiary ,” according to the complaint. That example resulted in a $24,000 settlement, according to the Tribune .

” That’s very disturbing to know ,” Curtis later told the newspaper, upon has been informed of the previous allegations.” That clearly would have been a batch breaker .”

A” short time into his tenure” at Provo, King embarked” fully participate in inappropriate impart with employees ,” including cases where he” would stand uncomfortably open behind dispatchers, who were all girl, touch their shoulders, look down their shirts, and stare at their tits ,” the lawsuit declarations.

King reportedly told one 28 -year-old dispatcher that he” “ve been dreaming about” her” and made a comment about her tits, announcing them “puppies.” His” motif of persecution and shame” of the dispatcher continued at other contests and at work, according to the complaint. She eventually quit her job and allegedly made a complaint against him during her depart interrogation in July 2014.

Other female hires at the department agreed that he” tended to ogle at and waver over female employees, that he stroked them inappropriately, and that he regularly invaded their personal seat in a manner that realized them seem unpleasant ,” the lawsuit alleges.

In 2015, one employee was helping him at a print machine when King allegedly” contacted his arm around her and securely sought her right breast and attracted her closer to him three times as he remarked,’ good position .'”

” King’s watch and manner was aggressive and left[ her] seem frightened and without recourse ,” the complaint demands.” His advances reached a item where[ she] would obscure in her agency or the shower if she heard Chief King coming toward her bureau .”

He made a garb of visiting the send centre during one woman’s night shift, where he would” stare at her tits, comment on how attractive she searched, and stroke her without her authorization ,” according to the complaint. Dispatchers said in the lawsuit that they would “stand up” or “cover up” in order to avoid his unpleasant searches and touches.

One day, King met with the peer in his office, and, while he” rubbed[ her] back and gazed at her tits, he said that some female hires had complained of his leering at their tits, and then wished to know whether[ she] agreed with those complaints ,” the lawsuit alleges.

To her, it was clear that” Provo was doing good-for-nothing with regard to complaints ,” that no one is of them were kept confidential, and that” such complaints would lead to Chief King retaliating against the complainant ,” according to the court documents.

King allegedly sexually assaulted another one of his police officer on” four or five separate occasions .” He groped her–even under her police vest–and gazed at her tits whenever she was in street clothes, according to the lawsuit.

More meets were held in 2015 and 2016 about his demeanor, but” none of these meetings resulted in the penalty or censure” of the leader, the court reports assertion. He wasn’t ousted until several months later, after he’d developed an affinity for the 24 -year-old college student who would eventually come forward to accuse him of rape. King had agreed to help the student with “research projects” at the department, the lawsuit declarations, and in October 2016 she allegedly experienced compelled to made very clear that she had no interest in a romantic or sexual relationship with him.

Even still, King continued to behave” in a sexually vigorous sort toward her ,” the complaint declarations, and then stroked, caressed, and searched her without her agree on several occasions. He raped her four disconnected meters, according to the complaint.

When King went on vacation in January 2017, the student eventually” find she had a space of security to report him” and called the mayor instantly. Curtis targeted the manager on administrative leave and then allegedly” is seeking to wipe[ his] misconduct under the carpeting ,” telling” government departments that premier King had taken administrative leave to care for his sick father .”

Curtis expected the chief’s resignation in secret, telling “everyone” that the chief’s leaving was about his mother’s illness, according to the lawsuit. Then he supposedly scheduled the going-away party.

Despite the information about King’s allegations,” the working party still get forward as strategy ,” the complaint claims.

Last year, in a news conference announcing the chief’s leaving, Curtis reportedly suggested the former premier was a” deep friend .”

Afterward, in an email, King told Curtis:” You did your best to protect me .”

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