Using treats for behavior training – HOW??

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This may seem like an odd question or a no brainer, but I really struggle with this. My dog is very reactive to other dogs, when she sees them outside the window she will run back and forth in the housing barking and whining, when she sees them on the tv, if we see a dog and we are outside it’s game over – she won’t even take a treat if I offer it. But, I’ve been wanting to do some training at least on the behavior in the house because she does like treats. I keep a box of them on the living room table. BUT, how it usually goes is, she sees a dog outside (I usually can’t even see it) and she barks and jumps at the window. I say “no”, then “come” but as I reach for a treat, she runs right over and sits and takes it, but goes right back to the window after. She also likes to take her treats and then eat them in a different area, not right in front of me and doesn’t have a great “stay”. How do I teach her to stop? It almost feels like the treat is just rewarding the barking. It’s like she has some weird spidey sense because she can be literally sleeping on the other side of the room and will “hear?” a dog, even if it’s not even barking or making noise and starts barking before I even have a to notice there’s a dog. We live in an apartment facing the area where dogs go out, so there’s dogs out a lot. It’s honestly driving me crazy and I’m sure my neighbors too!

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