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Hi all,

So we recently adopted a puppy welsh corgi. She is now at 10 weeks old and we had a few questions regarding the housetraining. We live on the 6th floor of an apt complex. Since we are both under isolation due to Covid-19 we have a lot of free time.

This is her daily routine (roughly)

6:30 AM, she whines in her crate to go out. I take her out right away and she relieves herself outside. 7:00 she eats and drinks the amount suggested by her vet. She doesn’t eat it all right away, we play a bit and she eats between playing so she’s often done at around 7:30.

07:30 – bring her for a walk again and she usually poops and pees again.

From 08:00 am to around 7pm I crate her for about 2-3 hrs, bring her for a walk and play for about 45 minutes and repeat until supper time at 7pm.

7pm, same as morning. Once that is done we bring her outside to pee and poop, play and we cut the water at around 8:30 because we want her to sleep the night.

08:30 – crate until 11:00 pm

11pm last walk outside , pee, poop and we bring her straight to her crate afterwards.

Stunningly, she lasts the night and sleeps. Occasionally wakes me up around 4 am but it’s rare. She usually wakes me anytime between 6:00 and 6:30.

It’s sometimes cold around here still. So, when it is cold, or raining, having her eliminate outside is tough because she’s uncomfortable, so in these times we use pee pads and she was initially trained on pee pads by the breeder, so it works.

Obviously she has accidents 1/3 of the time when out of her crate so we supervise her the best we can. Sometimes when it’s 3am and I’m completely tired I use a pee pad out of convenience (i place her on the pad, I say « go pee! » and she pees on command).

I use positive reinforcement every time and never punish or fuss at her for having accidents inside.

Now here’s the question : Is it bad to use pee pads in this way if we ultimately want her to go outside all the time? She’s obviously still a young pup and she can’t hold it easily so accidents are bound to happen but I don’t know if it’s confusing to her in addition to her having trouble holding it. I am thinking long term here.

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