Urination even after urinating outside… mini yorkie

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My gf has been living with me for a year now, with her mini yorkie. Dog is roughly 11years old, and seems to have been and is in good health. THOUGH… this dog is often urinating even after having been outside. My gf has pawned if off on "she's old" and I'm not 100% behind that. I want to assume because the size of this dog (2lbs) my gf and her family have babied this dog for its whole life… never been leashed for a walk, trained for tricks/manners (sit, wait, stop) etc. Then another idea I thought is maybe she has a UTI of some sort but Banfield says nothing seems even after a urine analysis.

If this is a training issue… I'm uncertain where to start training on such thing with this dog as she goes potty (most of the time when I take her outside). And a last idea I had read here from awhile ago was that maybe the dog was doing this purposely for attention… which relates as I mentioned before this dog is usually in someones lap or barks when seemingly shes not getting attention. Help please! I've tried the suggested doggy puppy pad things, tried taking her out often (every 2 hours) but then I didnt understand how she can be fine when I'm working (at home) 4 hours at a time, or when I'm sleeping 6-8 hours.

Possible info that may be in relation: I also have a female dog, 7 yrs, but is potty trained in full (my home/elsewhere), obeys to most common commands.

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