Unsure whether to to continue these puppy classes

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We started puppy class last week with our local humane society. I wasn’t super impressed, Daisy already knows most of what is on the curriculum. I know a big part of it is socialization and learning with distractions. But there is also a dog there that is reactive, growling and barking at other dogs while on leash. They had puppy play time and Daisy got almost trampled by this dog and another puppy, and has since been more scared of dogs on our walks.

We went to Petco puppy playtime last weekend and no other puppies showed, so we got some one on one time with the trainer for free. Daisy immediately picked up roll over and stay even in that setting and the trainer recommended we skip to level 2 puppy class there.

With all this in mind, I’m unsure whether continuing at the current puppy class is worthwhile. My husband is pretty staunchly opposed to it – he feels like it’s a waste of time and worries that Daisy will end up with reactivity due to the growly dog. She does tend to be more timid with other dogs already so this is a fear of mine.

What would you do?

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