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I hired a dog trainer for a couple of issues with my 8 month old Border Collie – mix. The biggest issue or worry I have that, when she is pet by strangers for a prolonged time she'll start to growl and bark and lunge forward. The trainer said, that some dogs just don't like being pet (agree, she's not a cuddly dog, even with us) and basically said that nobody strange should pet her. Ok fair enough, altough I would have liked to get some tipps on how to respond if it happens (since sometimes she did it even with familiar people).

He said that all in all her biggest issue is her insecurity. In order to make my dog to trust me it first needs to learn leash manners. Now that's where I've become wary of him or his methods. My loose leash training method up untill now was that I stop whenever she starts pulling, have her sit or look at me to go ahead or if she releases the pressure on the leash continue. Now the new training method he suggested is give the dog just enough lenght of the leash to walk next to you, but not enough to touch the ground with its nose. The end of the leash should be wrapped around the hand very tightly. Whenever the dog pulls I should give into the pressure and let the dog pull without walking faster or slower. The main focus should be on me being relaxed.

My dog used to be ok on the leash, given there were no major distractions causing her to pull. Now she just pulls like a horse. Even worse, she pulls so hard, that the back of my hand has become sore after two days. Now it hurts like hell whenever she pulls so I'm not exactly relaxed when I walk her.

Has any of you have used this technique or heard of it?

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