Unreasonably frequent poops?

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HELP! As I write this, it’s 6:45am. Our 10-week-old Samoyed puppy just had diarrhea for the third time since 6am (the first one was in his crate, eaten and messed in). This came on the heels of other poops at 4am, 10:30pm, 7:50pm and 4:30pm going back to yesterday. That was basically a repeat of the day before (minus the lovely crate mess). They’re all large poops and mostly soft.

My questions here: is this reasonable/natural, especially so often overnight? Why is he not pooping more during the day, such as right after meals? We’re feeding him at 7am, noon and 5:30pm. Is there anything we can do to get him more regular?

Is this all down to the diarrhea he’s having? He has had it basically since we got him. It took the vet a week to process a stool sample I brought in last week (and only then after I called, despite them telling me they would call as soon as results were in), and he was diagnosed with giardia and a roundworm. He has been on meds for two days. Can we expect this situation to get better when he can kick these parasites? Please god I hope so. Unfortunately he eats his poop every time if it’s left there, and I worry this latest indiscretion will set him back in his giardia recovery. It’s super demoralizing after managing to get him out for the 50 other craps he had to take overnight.

Would love any wisdom the community has to offer here. It feels like our puppy will never be normal. Puppy tax: https://imgur.com/gallery/SHtQVtY

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