Unfortunate outcome for puppy’s hips

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So we've found out today that our 9 month old spaniel has hip dysplasia in both hips and basically have been told that her hips couldn't be much worse. I'm devastated because when we originally took her to the vets, I'd hoped that she'd just pulled a muscle but it turns out both hips are in awful condition and she's going to need a double hip replacement at some point in the future.

I'm so sad for her because it's so much for her to go through and apparently looks like it was genetic, so she's unfortunately lost the genetic lottery and we couldn't have prevented it. Her parent's were both healthy and had no health issues so it's just been a very unlucky situation that I wish wasn't happening. We're going to try hydrotherapy until she's fully grown, and then look at getting the surgery. She still has full mobility and it doesn't seem to be affecting her currently but it's inevitable at some point.

She's a lovely dog and I only want the best life for her, so I can't help but worry because she is so young and no surgery is risk-free. I've always heard about hip dysplasia happening with dogs but you never expect it to happen to your puppy.

Trying to stay optimistic but it's very difficult at the moment.

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