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My 10 month old staffordshire bull terrier seems to be a little underweight. Admittedly she was the runt of the litter when born, and is now slightly smaller than other dogs of the same breed and age.

She has been fed mainly on raw chicken and tripe. I also sometimes give her boiled chicken, raw eggs, and a few treats and snacks throughout the day. I would like to bulk her up while she is still growing.

She is a very picky eater and sometimes will skip meals, regardless of what is put in front of her, but will want some of my food, which isn't good for her, so I limit what I give her from my own plate. We try to feed her three times a day but often, she ends up only eating twice.

I give her regular worming treatment and have taken her to a vet, who recommended boiling the chicken and to try feeding her more often. That hasn't really worked.

Are there any tips or suggestions what I can do to ensure that she reaches a healthy weight and size?

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