Uber opens three brand-new Snapchat filters for equestrians

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Uber and Snapchat, two of Silicon Valley’s most-valuable startups, have teamed up.

Starting Wednesday, Uber users can unlock exclusive filters to use on Snapchat within the ride-hailing app. The update is an example of Uber’s push to make its app more personalized and was exhausted this week together with the ability to set a person , not mailing address, as your destination.

The feature is available in the feed of the Uber app after you start your razz. You can swipe between three different placards, “Your ETA, ” “Your Ride” and “Mystery.” When you click on “Unlock filter, ” Snapchat will automatically open if you have the app.

The most exciting filter is definitely “Your ETA, ” which shows the time Uber guess it’ll go for get at your destination. It’s enormous if you’re the kind of person whose pals disbelieve your timeliness. Forget about texting an estimate or draining your phone’s battery life by sharing your spot. You can prove you’re in a automobile and on your mode with a selfie.

Image: UBER

“Whether you want to let acquaintances know when you’ll arrive with our ETA filters, show how you wheel with our ride filters or select a whodunit filter for an added surprise, you now have a fun and social practice to share youre in an Uber, ” Uber’s blog post reads.

For obsessive Snapchat customers( like myself ), it’s a enjoyable modernize. After I tested out the peculiarity the coming week, I enthusiastically messaged my family text radical, “YAY! Guys you can now Snapchat while Ubering.” But I speedily realized that wasn’t best available description for the moment and the audience.

“Like the motorists? That doesn’t sound safe, ” my sister wrote back.

“Was Snapchat unavailable in Ubers before magically somehow? ” my other sister asked.

Okay so, perhaps it’s not that big of video games changer of an experience. Drivers aren’t encouraged to click, and it’s not like you as a rider couldn’t access Snapchat previously. But as Uber wrote in a blog upright, “Gone are the days of toggling between apps. Have a bit additional fun getting to that somebody! “

Snapchat isn’t Uber’s only friend.

Snapchat isn’t Uber’s best and only friend. The app also announced integrations with Yelp and Foursquare.

For Uber, the consolidation is not just for merriment. Lending Snapchat and other material to its app stimulates it a more attractive service to application as competitor in the ride-hailing manufacture increases.

“We acknowledge a lot of beings check their telephone when theyre in the car. The proposition of it isnt tokeep you inside the app, it’s to deliver more. We require you tochoose Uber because were more integrated into your life, and were giving you additional quality, ” Uber product manager Yuhki Yamashita told Mashable .

Here, Uber is not just playing a price war, but the company is after your label loyalty.

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