Uber attracts self-driving autoes from San Francisco

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A week after Uber started offering self-driving auto goes in San Francisco, the company halted the experiment.

The decision find after flunked peace negotiations with the state authorities, who have revoked Uber’s self-driving automobile enrollments in California, the Associated Press reports.

“We have stopped our self-driving aviator in California as the DMV( Department of Motor Vehicles) has repealed the enrollments for our self-driving vehicles. We’re now looking at where we can redeploy these autoes but stand 100 percentage is fully committed to California and will be redoubling our efforts to develop workable statewide rulers, ” Uber told Venturebeat in a statement.

Dispute over permit rules

The dispute with the California DMV stanch from a misunderstanding on whether Uber actually needs a permit to deploy self-driving cars. The companionship said that it didn’t, citing its same pilot program which has been running for a few months in Pittsburgh, and pointing out their autonomous vehicles ever have a operator be prepared to take over, but the regulator disagreed.

“The California DMV helps the responsible expedition of self-driving automobiles We have a permitting process in place to ensure public safety as this technology is being tested. Twenty makes have already secured permits to research hundreds of cars on California roads. Uber shall do the same, ” the DMV told Mashable last week.

And in a statement Wednesday, the DMV explained to Mashable why, precisely, Uber’s registrations were revoked .

It established that the enrollments were improperly issued for these vehicles because they were not properly commemorated as experiment vehicles. Concurrently, the department invited Uber to seek work permits so their vehicles can operate legally in California, ” the statement said.

Even though it was short-lived, Uber’s experiment with self-driving vehicles did not go without occurrence. A epoch after the pilot program started, a dash-cam video appeared to show a self-driving Uber car running a red light. But Uber subsequently said that car was not a part of the self-driving pilot program.

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