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The small dog is a Yellow Labrador and the other a "Broholmer" – an old Danish type. Apologies for the incorrect type summary in the final credit ratings.
Two pets waiting patiently to get served in "dining establishment", and also in spite of waiting, never ever obtain anything to consume.
This video clip has actually had lots of favorable remarks – many thanks to all of you. Some people however are stressed for the canines – were they forced and did they injure themselves on the forks?
First of all the dogs liked it – they are buddies and also actually like obtaining all the interest. We exercised with the cutlery ahead of time, and also both dogs really promptly figured it out. Besides the "waitress" went on speaking with them and also motivating them. They are quite possibly acted, and recognize when to rest still, take it slow down as well as wait. This video was shot in one take, no cuts or modifying – as well as both pets had a remarkable time. The hand sychronisation was not preplanned – because whatever was up to the dogs – but we both with ease acted upon the feeling of the canines activity, plus we could hear from the "waitresses" remarks, what the pet dogs were doing.
Delight in as well as put on ´ t be stressed – both pets love it, as well as we like them. ask yourself just how we did? see:

56 thoughts on “TWO DOGS DINING

    1. Anjelica Violetta

      if you see a dog eating with their mouth opened,call me. I will invite him
      to teach my nephews,lol

  1. pottop880

    Yeah this video was fun but I’m always worried they might hurt their dogs
    with those fork and knives 😳😳

    1. Benny Appleton

      Fabrizia Val Technically no, I don’t have a dog. Do you ever worry they
      will bite you when you put your hands close to their mouth?

    2. Fabrizia Val

      +Benny Appleton no way! theoretically your own dog has no reason to bite
      you. if a dog bites it’s for fear or to attack. mouth is often involved in
      playing (dog to dog and even dog-human) but there is no harm behind so you
      would never ever get injured, not even bitemarks. when you give food and
      you hold it between your fingers, if the dog isn’t gentle, you might feel
      the teeth touching you but it’s more like a pinch than a bite and anyway it
      wasn’t meant to hurt you. if you don’t want to risk, put the food in your
      palm and let the dog lick it up (not possible in the video obviously!!!) I
      love this video, I watch it again every once in a while and laugh. anyway
      have you ever had cats? that is painful and yes I was afraid to be
      scratched by the cat because it hurt. They have weapons in their paws D:

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